Timothy Kanski, Web Developer

Timothy Kanski has been working as a Full Stack Web Application Developer since the early 2000's. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Texas at Dallas. Specializing in the development of data management and data presentation applications, Timothy has served the web application needs of many clients, including: TEOCO Aircom Labs, Expedient Software, BioInnovations, OSMC, Specialty Group and many others. Timothy also ventures somewhat into interactive media and video game development. His arsenal for web application development includes:

  • C# / Asp.Net MVC 5
  • MsSQL / Entity Framework
  • Javascript / Jquery / AngularJS
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.0
  • HTML5/CSS3

When he's not sharpening his AngularJS skills or turning his clients' Web Application dreams into realities, Timothy enjoys a wide variety of outdoor activities. He has been happily married for over a year to his wonderful wife, Jessica.

Web Development Lifecycle

Whether you need a simple mobile-friendly business-card website or a large-scale mobile-first web application, I handle all aspects of the web development lifecycle, from planning and design to domain configuration and everything in between. I also provide maintenance and free consultation for the entire lifetime of your application.

Responsive Design

More people are accessing the internet with their mobile devices than at any point in the past, and this trend is likely to continue. But do you need an expensive mobile application? Chances are, a responsive web application will meet all of your needs.

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"Smart" Web Forms

If you're no stranger to the internet, then you probably know how frustrating a poorly-built web form can be. Thankfully, technologies such as AngularJS have improved many aspects of data management on the web, allowing developers to create "smart" web forms that check for problems and provide valuable feedback before the submit button is even clicked.

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